ttr casino promo code

I got the game as a gift, and once I went online to try out TTR, I was hooked.

I was wondering if there is a place in BGG where people sell or trade the code from their boxed game if they are not using it.

I checked out the Bazaar, but I did not see anyone just selling the code from the game.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places to look?

If figure a lot of people don't use the code from their game and would be willing to sell or trade it with me.

I think almost everyone uses the codes, generally to play Ticket to Ride online.

I should warn you that the codes were duplicated in the factory and only the first user of a particular code got to key it.

Days of Wonder will not honour any other duplicated codes.

I know because after using all my Ticket to Ride codes my newly purchased Memoir'44 code wouldn't work.

Many emails back and forth plus sending proof of purchase and a call from the game store manager still wouldn't convince the Do W staff member to budge.

Apparently someone in a different country already used the code.

Regardless of Do W's website admission the codes got duplicated at the factory but was 'fixed', it is still happening.