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For Bond fans who were monitoring the week by week rumours and drama that occupied the long gap between "Die Another Day" (2002) and its eventual successor "Casino Royale" (2006) four years later, a common thread that wove itself through the drawn out pre-production of Daniel Craig's debut was Quentin Tarantino and his quest to direct a Bond movie.

It was easily written off as hot air and tabloid fodder by many at the time, but the film's director Martin Campbell has now confirmed that Tarantino was in play, and even bid on the film rights.

Campbell explained the backstory to the 21st Bond film to the Daily Express newspaper, “Casino Royale was not going to be the next film.

They were developing another [original] script but then, after a long battle, the Broccoli's suddenly got the film rights to the first Bond novel Casino Royale, despite Quentin Tarantino bidding against them." Tarantino went public in 2004 stating a desire to make "Casino Royale" a period piece, set in the 1960's, with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role.

After being shot down as a directorial prospect by EON Productions, it is now revealed that Tarantino tried to secure the rights to the book himself.

Ian Fleming's first novel was not included in the original deal struck by EON Productions founders Albert R. This omission lead to the 1967 spoof film starring David Niven.

Campbell continued, “The script being developed was an original story in which James Bond isn’t the character we know today but someone younger and more screwed up.

Pierce Brosnan was getting on for 49 or something, and clearly too old to play the younger Bond so they decided to go in a different direction.” As for Tarantino, he is still upset at losing out on the chance to put his stamp on the Bond franchise, saying: “It would have been my James Bond film and not a Cubby Broccoli Bond film and I would have done it with Pierce Brosnan.” He continues to claim that, if it were not for him making the suggestion, "Casino Royale" would not have been filmed as the 21st adventure.

After introducing two new actors to the role of James Bond, Campbell says he is not considering a return for a third film as director, despite being offered the job.

“It is always the same story about Bond stopping a nutcase taking over the world and you can only blow up a control room so many times," he said.

But despite his simplified view of the repeated formula, he thinks there are many more years in the spy yet.