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Keep Your Feet in Good Condition As You Age People rarely think about their feet until a problem arises, and they then realize how important good foot care is to everyday movement and overall health.

As the years pass, feet can suffer more from poorly fitting shoes, neglect of nails or systemic diseases that affect circulation in the feet.

You can keep your feet healthy by giving them specific care, and keeping up with your podiatrist, as part of your total health care regime.

Arch Problems Arch problems are common in people over the age of 40.

The effects of gravity, combined with weaker muscles combine to cause pain in heels, within arches or at the top of the foot.

Arch supports can help to reduce the discomfort from heel and arch pain.

Special exercises for the foot can also help to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

If necessary, a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in foot diseases, can create an orthotic corrective device specifically for your feet.

Bunions Bunions are bony growths that generally occur at the base of the big toe on the inside of the foot.

They are caused by the continued rubbing of this area of the foot against the inside of the shoe.

Bunions can occur at any age but usually worsen as people get older.

They may be very painful because they receive the weight of the foot with each footstep.