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Part 2 of the VH1 “Love & Hip-Hop New York” Reunion show really stirred up some drama that had fans going into a frenzy on social networking sites.

One ongoing couple drama involving rapper Saigon and his baby mama Erica Jean got even uglier after the show wrapped up when Saigon took to his Instagram account to throw more dirt on his baby mama’s name. Siagon went off on Erica on the show for using their son “as a pawn” for her own personal gain.

Shortly after his verbal bombardment, Saigon took to Instagram to throw even more personal low-blows at Erica, by posting a combined picture of Erica showing her with and without makeup on.

Saigon used the comparison pictures to show the world how much he believes he “put her on” by having her on the show.

He captioned the photo: This ERICA JEAN before I PUT her on TV… I was father of the year before I asked VH1 to hire her for me.” The picture on the left without makeup is a bit less flattering than the one next to it.

Since Saigon dragged his baby mother on Instagram, he’s received a massive wave of hate from various people, and it appears as though his post has since been deleted. How are you trying to diss your baby mom’s looks now when she was good enough for you to run up in her raw and bear your child?

The b**chassness you’ve been displaying on the show is disappointing.

What makes this even more disappointing is that real hip hop heads know Saigon for being an underrated rapper with a lot of potential who lived & rapped real street s**t but also touched on subjects of substance like black-on-black crime and teen pregnancy.

Now you’re looking like a washed up rapper displaying extremely immature, b**chassness on a reality show?

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