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Stress not on this sunny Los Santos afternoon, as the San Andreas Treasury Department is treating GTA Online players to $250,000-worth of free cash.

To secure your share, simply sign into the game from today through February 26 (one week from Monday).

Better still, all in-game money spent during this time is subject to a ten percent rebate on every dollar—with up to $1 million-worth in cash back.

"Tax season is upon us," says Rockstar in a statement, "and with 2017's population growth, the San Andreas Treasury Department is happy to report a new stimulus for all citizens—hustlers, triggers, shot callers and kingpins alike—alongside a new state-wide rebate program to fill your pockets with extra cash to spend on anything from sensible investments like Executive Offices to submarine-sports car hybrids like the Stromberg all week long."Rockstar adds that rebates and bonuses will begin to appear in players' Maze Bank accounts at some point between February 27 and March 6. ) out there: let us know how you'll spend your free moolah in the comments below.

Having just splashed out on some unnecessary Vehicle Warehouse renovations, and having arsed up one particularly awry plane-based stolen goods run (that pylon came out of nowhere, I swear), this news couldn't have come at a better time for me.

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