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The major objective of online casinos is to provide players as much entertainment as possible in a safe and secure environment.

There’s no doubt that there are many casinos that make sure they do everything possible to comply with the highest standards in the industry.

However, there are some casinos and casino operators who choose to deliberately cheat or be just plain sloppy in their operations, much to the chagrin of its members.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of such casinos, also known as rogue casinos, and be able to identify them.

To begin with, rogue casinos often go beyond the definition of a ‘rogue’.

Many of these casinos continue to operate and are guilty of customer negligence bordering on criminal intent.

In addition, there are others that thrive as fly by night operators and simply disappear without a trace, leaving their members stranded, and most importantly, ripped of their hard earned money.

These blacklisted casinos are a blot on the otherwise reputed casinos in the online gambling industry world over.

Rogue or blacklisted casinos are masters at the art of circumventing industry regulations and laws.

They tend to have cheating software, commit bonus fraud, refuse to pay players their dues in terms of winnings, and indulge in false advertising. There are numerous ways that blacklisted and rogue casinos tend to swindle members out of their money.

The bottom line is that anyone reading this must learn to become an astute player, spot the red flags, and avoid these types of casinos like the plague.

That all begins by being able to identify which casinos are rogue.