crazy lucky casino

Review last updated – June 2017 Crazy Luck casino have a long history of payment problems wherein customers have to repeatedly chase their withdrawals via live chat, email and phone to have any hope of receiving payment.

Due to their Not Recommended status we did not feel comfortable asking a review to play with Crazy Luck casino.

A large proportion of the casinos that use Rival software are owned and operated by the Bonne Chance group, the same group that owns and operates Rival software.

The centralized support and payment processing services that Bonne Chance provide for all of their casino had developed a substantially negative reputation due to excessive player payment problems and a lack of transparency when it comes to player disputes.

Rival have even gone so far as to threaten Casino Meister with legal action over a thread on the site's message boards, a threat that they later withdrew.

Crazy Lucky casino have a substantially negative reputation, specifically due to their slow payment of many players wherein it seems that several months’ worth of assurances and chasing have to be engaged in if there's to be any chance of receiving even small payouts.

Alongside this they've been unresponsive to many player complaints.

Crazy Luck are on Casino Meister's 'No-Can-Do List'.

The one complaint we've received regarding Crazy Luck related to the same type of delays in payment discussed above.

Crazy Luck are associated with several other Rival casinos, one Playtech casino and the Cyber Needle group all via the Evening Star Holdings company.

All of these properties have extensive player and affiliate issues.

For references see Evening Star Holdings Group Player Issues You can see the latest updates to Crazy Luck casino's terms and conditions here.