fairy land 3 играть бесплатно

Baby Hazel Fairyland is a free game for girl to play online at Ma Fa. You can play Baby Hazel Fairyland in your browser for free.

Baby Hazel has got a chance to explore fairyland with the help of a magician.

But on return, she has to bring pink flower for him as a gift.

So kids, get ready to join Baby Hazel in her adventurous fairyland tour and help her to find the pink flower.

But something has gone horribly wrong, and all the magic disappeared from this land.

On or before June 30, 2018, if you do not update your browser, you will not be able to sign in, access your account info, or make purchases on our site. Not long ago, Fairy Land was a lush and lavish paradise, abundant with magic, fairies, dragons, elves and fantastically mystical creatures beyond your wildest dreams.

Collect rare elements, build an enchanted machine and bring the magic in Fairy Land: The Magical Machine!

I don't understand all the negativity about this little game.

If the devs fixed everything that people were complaining about, it would be the same as every other game.

The basic rule about playing games: They all have their own rules and if you don't like their rules, don't play the game.

The only complaint I have is that you couldn't turn off the game cursor. There isn't much going on here, you have the option of 4 different types of match gameplay from your typical match 3 to click and drag as many matching tiles as possible.

It also has the same tools as all the other match games, the hammer, lightning etc.