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Op dit moment wordt er hard gewerkt aan een nieuwe en verbeterde versie van Gluut, dus sommige onderdelen zijn niet geheel up to date.

When it comes to typing on phones, things have changed remarkably over the past few years.

Physical keyboards used to be the name of the game, dominating the phone market.

Nearly every phone, smart or otherwise, came with some sort of physical keyboard to aid in typing.

Then the wave of touchscreen phones arrived, and with it came the death of the physical keyboard.

Now we’ve reached the point that it’s an extreme rarity to see a physical keyboard on a smartphone.

But there’s a new type of keyboard that could supplement people’s smartphones and tablets to aid in typing longer documents.

That keyboard is the Atongm Bluetooth Laser Keyboard.

While it may sound like something out of sci-fi movie, the Atongm Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is actually a simple concept.

A laser projects a keyboard onto a flat surface, and then a sensor picks up when your fingers (or any other object) tap against the projected keys. The keyboard connects to tablets, phones and PCs over Bluetooth, making it compatible with nearly everything.

Connecting a device to the Atongm Bluetooth Laser Keyboard can be a bit confusing at first.

The laser keyboard will be up and running, but if you scan for it with your device, you probably won’t find it.