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Do you or a loved one have an opioid dependency and are trying to break it?

Allow Excel Pediatrics and Family care in Clermont, Florida, to take the wheel and drive you to a better and faster recovery.

For people that are dependent on opioid, such as oxycodone and methadone, we provide medical treatment on an outpatient basis.

That means that you or a loved one comes into the office and then goes back home. Patients setup an appointment and a phone interview takes place.

Once the phone interview has been completed, the appointment is finalized.

The patient then makes their first visit and a discussion regarding what issues are happening and then a plan is created to cure the dependency. Contact us to help alleviate the opioid dependency in your life with Excel Pediatrics and Family Care in Clermont, Florida.

If you a certified CNA or HHA looking for a health care career, Bucks County’s renown in-home care agency, Premier Personal Care, Inc., is hiring for our caregiver position. Our caregivers go into residential homes and help clients with everyday home activities.

Due to the nature of our work, all applicants are subject to a rigorous screening process.

If you are accepted, you will be trained in the clients’ homes before beginning the position.

Because the position is located in clients’ actual homes, we are looking for candidates that are compassionate, trustworthy, understanding, reliable, have a valid drivers license and transportation, and love working with people!

All of our employees are in-house, not sub-contracted, so you will be a true member of our team.

The purpose of the job is to ensure that our clients can live dignified, independent lives.