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В 2000 году группой единомышленников на базе агентства «modul 1» был создан лейбл Plastique, который занимался букингом отечественных и зарубежных артистов, выпуском музыкальных компиляций, организацией клубных мероприятий, менеджментом клубов.

Пару лет спустя event-department выделили в отдельный лейбл global dance event mgt., занимающийся исключительно организацией танцевальных мероприятий, который впоследствии объединил все отделы в агентство Global Dance.

Промоутерская компания Global Dance основана в Санкт-Петербурге в 2002 г.

I've been playing it on my lunch break, playing it on my commute, and just generally risking all of my close personal and professional relationships by banging on about it non-stop.

Then, on Wednesday, something magical happened: my colleagues — probably realising they could get rid of me for awhile — agreed to send me to London Zoo for a glorious day of Pokémon catching.

Basically, I thought I could kill two pidgeys with one stone: take some pictures of Pokémon hanging out with genuine, real-world animals, and also find out if there are any rare/unusual creatures to be caught in a place like the zoo ( is pretty sophisticated, so I thought there was a good chance they'd have factored this in — sort of like the safari parks of the old Pokémon games).

With all that in mind I set off to Regent's Park with a generous supply of Poké Balls and a borderline-unhealthy quantity of excitement...

I was actually a bit surprised by how accurate some of them were.

Early on in the afternoon I tracked down a Doduo to Blackburn Pavilion (which is a large indoor bird enclosure), and later I found a Psyduck hanging out in the middle of the Penguin Pool.

London Zoo is actually divided into two sections; the main bit and a smaller area that runs along a stream, and is accessible through a tunnel under the road.

It was here that I found Poliwag and Rhyhorn (there seemed to be a small herd of the latter wandering about that section of the zoo).

The whole day would probably have been better if I hadn't been on my own — I'd certainly have felt less self-conscious about photographing Rhyhorns, anyway — but it was still a hell of a lot of fun.