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Stay on the Road with the Die Hard 71326 Gold 80A Shelf Battery Charger and Engine Starter A portable powerhouse, the Die Hard Gold 80A Shelf Battery Charger and Engine Starter keeps your 6V and 12V batteries operating at peak performance.

Only for use in California and Oregon, this charger and engine starter features microprocessor-controlled, intelligent charge technology, so you can rely on increased precision, battery life and safety.

Fully automatic, the charger provides 80A engine starts, 30A rapid charges, 12A fast charges and 2A charges.

LED indicators and a digital display add extra convenience.

Other features include auto voltage detection, a battery and alternator tester and 125A clamps.

Simple Portal is one of several portal mods for Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

Although always developing, Simple Portal is produced with the user in mind first.

User feedback is the number one method of growth for Simple Portal, and our users are always finding ways for Simple Portal to grow.

Simple Portal stays competative with other portal software by adding numerous user-requested features such as articles, block types and the ability to completely customize the portal page. Simple Portal is built for simplicity and ease of use; ensuring the average forum administrator can install Simple Portal, configure a few settings, and show off the brand new portal to the users in minutes.

Confusing menus, undesired pre-loaded blocks and settings that cannot be found are all avoided as much as possible.